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Body Art meets Film Art, meets Dance and Music Art

Many are the times that two or more categories of Art meet in an artistic showcase. The majority of these tend to be combinations of film & Music or Music & Dance. But what do you get when you combine Music, Film, Dance and Body Art? You get, The Extremities. Joy Wachira a.k.a Sheerah, who also plays the character ‘Teke’ is the brains behind the designs drawn on the limbs starring on the show. Ten to be precise. Next to unreal, arguably genius! So different and unique are the designs that we had to have a sit down with her and pick her brain in regards to how she managed to create well thought out, defined patterns. The show is currently in the latter stages of filming and the interview will be posted on our YouTube channel very soon. Stay close as we all endeavour to learn from her, sign up free to never miss a thing!😊

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