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Nkatha Wa Marada

Impressionable, and free-spirited Nkatha Nkirote is on the way to becoming a top influencer in the creative industry. She is classically poised, fashion-forward and beautiful. A supermodel, actor and director taking on the role of “Kyutiko”. Njoki’s left hand, the protagonist on Relic House TV’s original web series, The Extremities. Kyutiko is strong-willed, brave and feisty. She is a leader who is tasked with handling the inadequacies of her corresponding right hand, not by choice but by responsibility. We talked to Nkatha about her character interpretation and in some ways, she related to the character she played. Find out soon, how the interview went. Subscribe to our youtube channel and you will be notified as soon as the video is posted. Sign Up free on RHTV and never miss a thing! 😎

6 comments on “Nkatha Wa Marada

  1. It is an Honor to be part of this Major Experience.
    Thank you 😘

    1. Relic House says:

      You are worthy, beautiful and talented. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

  2. Daniel Muindi says:

    Fire fire

    1. Relic House says:

      Thank you Daniel! We treasure your remarks!

  3. Milton toroitich Poghon says:

    Am following

    1. Relic House says:

      Thank you, Milton! We appreciate your companionship. Much in store for you!

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