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She hails from the land of the best sand, sun and sea. Inspiring, outgoing and beautiful Ruschiene Deidrick is one of our two international talents. She is based in Mandeville, Jamaica, the capital of the Parish of Manchester, Middlesex, Jamaica. What an honour it is to be working with a well-accomplished yet focused, humble and talented actress with phenomenal composure, diligence and true foresight. Her poise and ambition is real and inspiring, having been a part of numerous artistic engagements and has worked with top international music and film acts within the Jamaican entertainment scene and beyond. She plays Stepie on Relic House TV’s new original comedy-drama The Extremities as ‘Stepie’. Njoki’s right foot. A vibrant, feisty and protective character. Watch out for her performance soon. Sign Up free and never miss a thing! 😎

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