Month: March 2021


A dynamic diligent dude he is this one! Mike works hard, and smart, and hard. He runs multiple affairs that take him up and about the most beautiful, exquisite places in the country yet he still found time for us. What an honour it is to work with Mike. He is great with people, an extrovert who lives up to his true nature and exudes the very definition of entertainment. He plays Bare on Relic House TV’s new original comedy-drama The Extremities. A high on life right hand to Jim with a rogue, son of a gun-type personality. We get to know more about him soon on our exclusive behind-the-scenes engagement on YouTube. Sign Up free and never miss a thing! 😎


Kizenji and Muthama are timeless talents with great aptitude, style and vibes. They have participated on the show’s musical dance performances and have helped in choreographing the main dance routines on the show. They are agile, engaging, walk with their heads held high and are prepared to bust moves on call and when they do, they dance with style and swag enough for an entire city. And guess what! They are not only dancers but participate in a wide range of performing arts as actors, have an active practice in photography and content production. We have come to know and love them here at Relic House and Kibby a Freak, and we are honoured by their talents. Catch a glimpse of them on our behind the scenes; behind the music edition very soon on our YouTube page. Sign Up free and never miss a thing!


“Who is that!!?” A question severally asked by visitors and friends every time the character Archilles’ voice over plays at the Son of a Beat sound studio. His voice is sharply refined and elegant. Undoubtedly a crown jewel. A rare and piercing Baritone complete with mood, expression, passion, and command. A golden voice, that belongs to none other than voice Baron and actor, Lord Frank. He is a Lagos based creative with a wealth of experience in the Nigerian local as well as international voice and film industry and it’s an honor to have him play Archilles. A sleek foot belonging to a newly posted gym instructor in the freshest gym at the heart of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. We shall say no more as the line between informing and spoiling in the realm of film is painfully thin. Sign Up free on and never miss a thing! 😎