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Kibby Ako Fitii

Mesmerizing, uninhibited, forward-thinking and accommodating. He is multitalented Kibby Kenneth. Co-executive producer, producer, music executive, Sound Director, (pauses to catch a breath, … continues…) Director of Photography, musician and actor Kibby is the perfect example of a passionate seeker. He is a Kalasha award-winning sound engineer and music guru with a keen ear and taste for sound and music. On the set of the Extremities, He challenges himself, is not afraid to try and test new things and knows when to allow the learning curve to veer him off into an adventurous unknown. We shan’t go on too deep for fear of underreporting on his genius. Catch him on One on One very soon here. Sign Up free and never miss a thing! 😎

2 comments on “Kibby Ako Fitii

  1. Paul Ogali says:

    Yule msee wa wale wasee!!

  2. Kibby The Freak says:

    Thank you Relichouse,😇😇😇
    Humble servant of the Great Creator.
    Love and light

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