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Maureen Mo’Fire

Her influence sticks and stays, her brightness shines and mirrors in the room. A carrier of hope, intuitive action, cameraderie and synergy. Maureen Koech is a multiple award winning, multi -talented young lady with a wealth of experience, drive and ambition. She is co executive director, co-producer, multiple award-winning actor, and writer of the show, The Extremities. She is one who believes in service for God and the people, and she passionately mirrors this infront of and behind the camera. She takes on the characters of Narrator and Dole. Characters with strong leadership traits but with different temperamental identities. Dole is the lovestruck right hand to Njoki and she is the most unstable one of her four limbs. Catch Maureen on One on One very soon and her full performance on Season 1. Sign Up free on RHTV and never miss a thing! 😎

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