Diligent Dantez

Many are the times we come across dynamic thinking, multitalented creatives yet when Dantez Mwendwa, an industry-leading director, casting director and actor lent his talents, we set the ball rolling lest he got snatched by another team simultaneously filming. His contributions to the show “The Extremities” have been phenomenal. He pays attention to details and he is not afraid to let his mind wander. Often times we had to cap his broad focus to the present moment as he would go all out and begin technical rehearsals of multiple scenes ahead of all of us on set. He is one of the most humble, friendly and open individuals we have come across and that inputs even in his work. It is easy to work with and understand him. Get to know more about Dantez on our youtube one on one with us, coming very soon. Sign Up free and never miss a thing! 😎

Nkatha Wa Marada

Impressionable, and free-spirited Nkatha Nkirote is on the way to becoming a top influencer in the creative industry. She is classically poised, fashion-forward and beautiful. A supermodel, actor and director taking on the role of “Kyutiko”. Njoki’s left hand, the protagonist on Relic House TV’s original web series, The Extremities. Kyutiko is strong-willed, brave and feisty. She is a leader who is tasked with handling the inadequacies of her corresponding right hand, not by choice but by responsibility. We talked to Nkatha about her character interpretation and in some ways, she related to the character she played. Find out soon, how the interview went. Subscribe to our youtube channel and you will be notified as soon as the video is posted. Sign Up free on RHTV and never miss a thing! 😎

Harmonious Homes

He is a top tier musician and actor, with rhythmic skills enough to make at least ten boy bands. Having been a part of numerous artistic engagements including being a finalist on the highly acclaimed Tusker Project Fame, he fronts a classy but goofy side to his personality that lights up any dull conversation. Steve Homes is sure to engage your senses with his performance on Relic House TV’s new original comedy-drama The Extremities as ‘Gwara’. Jim’s left hand who exists in an inescapable, dire situation having been paired with a right hand that nearly tips him over the edge of his own sanity. He also plays ‘Ike’, who hosts the infamous ‘Archilles’. Get to know more about Steve on our youtube one on one with us, coming very soon. Sign Up free and never miss a thing! 😎

Body Art meets Film Art, meets Dance and Music Art

Many are the times that two or more categories of Art meet in an artistic showcase. The majority of these tend to be combinations of film & Music or Music & Dance. But what do you get when you combine Music, Film, Dance and Body Art? You get, The Extremities. Joy Wachira a.k.a Sheerah, who also plays the character ‘Teke’ is the brains behind the designs drawn on the limbs starring on the show. Ten to be precise. Next to unreal, arguably genius! So different and unique are the designs that we had to have a sit down with her and pick her brain in regards to how she managed to create well thought out, defined patterns. The show is currently in the latter stages of filming and the interview will be posted on our YouTube channel very soon. Stay close as we all endeavour to learn from her, sign up free to never miss a thing!😊