A fresh and new vibe is in the air. A cinematic showdown comprising an online streaming experience, a screening tour and mentorship movement. The much-awaited web series “The Extremities” gives us a dramatic and comical fantasy perspective into the world of limbs belonging to two friends, after the limbs take over their expressive and decisive power as a consequence of failed relations. The Extremities will be launching on 6th March and the team led by producers Maureen Koech and Kibby Kenneth will be paving the way for showcase. The production features top talents spanning led by artists Kibby Kenneth, Paul Ogali, Steve Homes, Mike Njeru, Nkatha Nkirote, Wanjiru Wachira and Maureen Koech, featuring young budding actor and model Imani Chumah and directed by Dantez Mwendwa; all Kenyan, also starring top international talents, Lord Frank from Nigeria and Ruschiene Deidrick from JamaicaKibby Kenneth is the musical brains behind the complimentary several track soundtrack album. “We have dedicated several months to ensure that we give our audiences a rich, cultural mixdown within a well put together motion picture and musical experience and extravaganza. Steve Homes, fellow long serving and accomplished singer/songwriter and producer lent his talents to the composition as well to tighten quality and rhythm. Mom3ntum gym in Westlands forms a part of their larger support system alongside Joy_To_Graphy, Brassed Crafts and Berrynice Magazine. “We wanted to create an experience that would be accessible for all hence the plan to include an online showcase experience, which means everyone will be able to exclusively stream online on starting early March as episodic and musical releases shall be posted every Friday within the following weeks for a fairly priced subscription package. We look forward to ushering you into the world of #talkinglimbs as we entertain you and tell our stories!

New Exciting Comedy-Drama Series Currently In Production – “The Extremities”

Relic House TV is proud to be the official showcase partner for ‘The Extremities’. A new comedy-drama web Series set in Kenya. Our bodies are alive and so are all the parts of it. We are giving limbs a voice and a cause to tell an entertaining, comical story with educative nuances. The show will be directed by Dantez Mwendwa and shall star notable acts including top Kenyan actors Mike Njeru, supermodel and actress Nkatha Nkirote, actor and musician Steve Homes, actress and musician Maureen Koech, as well as rising talents Lauren Wagude, Paul Ogali, Kibby Kenneth, Joy Wachira, Imani Chumah, Caroline Mwende and Jennifer Love. The story is Kenyan African with regional international hints and will creatively be carried by talents spanning East Africa, West Africa and the Caribbean. We are honored to work with top Nigerian actor and voice baron Lord Frank as well as Jamaican star actress, Ruschiene Deidrick. We would also like to thank our partners, Momentum gym, BerryNice magazine and Brassed Crafts for their support.

“I would describe the concept as Avant Garde. At Relic House, we strive to be unique and innovative and we ride on innovative concepts.   It’s an honour to work with some of the best talents that we have and we have collaborated with Kibby A Freak, whose music child based stable Son of a Beat records is placed to create a complimentary musical album. Recording and Filming of Season 1 begun in September and shall continue through to October and we hope to showcase early 2021.” Said Maureen Koech, actress and co-producer of the show.