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Mc Kalya is a wonderfully kind and invested personality. Being at Berrynice  must be a heartening experience, we guessed. Berrynice Magazine is quickly setting the pace for a functional literature source locally that is fast growing into a widely read world of business informed readership. Berrynice Magazine is a monthly issued magazine that covers stories of success in business and life and we have had the honor of featuring them on our show. We were friends, now friends and partners. Grab your monthly soft copy online as you visit their Facebook page.  Give them a like, and wait to see the feature soon on the main show. Sign Up free as March is near for the official launch and subsequent online screenings.


It’s not just a place, it’s not just a service, it’s more. It’s an experience. You feel it when you get through their door. Enticing, inviting, warm and free. It is home and work eclipsed into captivating, brilliantly designed processes and sessions. Mom3ntum Fitness is strategically located at the heart of Nairobi’s Westlands and their core business includes classes, personal training and corporate wellness in a fashion that is exciting, educative and deep. Being at Mom3ntum is not only fun, but immensely inspiring. A giant portrait of Mohammed Ali positively shifts your perspectives and exudes power and zeal.  Welcome to momentum gym where the story of The Extremities_#talkinglimbs, has partly been told. Get your healthy physique on at www.mom3ntum.com as you catch a glimpse of our behind the scenes at mom3ntum on YouTube. The main show begins soon.  Sign Up free on Relic House TV!

Thank you, Mom3ntum!


Wow! …That sums up our reaction when we first experienced the magnificence of Brassed Crafts. The true personification of poise and elegance within well-toned, beautiful designs, carefully crafted to leave you wanting more, owned and led by a gloriously aligned team of jewellers, Wangeci and Keziah. They are our official Jewellery partners on the show, crucial to the look, feel, of the show, personification, and aesthetic quality of the characters on Relic House TV’s new original comedy-drama The Extremities. Get a glimpse of their world and shop online on www.brassedcrafts.co.ke and witness the glory and magic of design and attitude with Brass, soon on the show as well. Catch their story soon on our YouTube channel and Sign up free here on RHTV. Never miss a thing! 😉

Thank you, Brassed Crafts!


Bolt is a ride – hailing app for requesting a fast, affordable and reliable ride and is one of the world’s top digital taxi brands for customer loyalty with a commitment to true convenience and exceptional service. As our transportation sponsor on Age of Grace, we were able to have our cast and crew safely, timely and conveniently picked up and dropped off and this ensured a smooth and hassle-free production process for us. Bolt continually surpasses client expectations, delivering moments of utter surprise and delight.

Thank you, Bolt!

For more information, visit https://bolt.e


Superior hotels Kenya is a leading hotel chain in Kenya consisting of properties located in Nairobi and Naivasha, promising hospitable and memorable stays for its clients! An exquisite, classy and cosy Haddassah hotel in Upper hill Nairobi was the main shoot location for the Age of Grace shoot and for more than a month, provided us with a beautiful base and set for us to divulge our creative output upon. Their location sponsorship played a huge role in helping to transform our scripts into a story.

Thank you, Superior Hotels Kenya!

For more information, visit https://www.superiorhotelskenya.com

More of our esteemed partners are as follows:

  • Pulse Magazine
  • Strathmore University
  • Mount Kenya University
  • Talanta Mtaani

We were able to carry out successful auditions at the first two listed institutions and alongside Talanta Mtaani, we were able to carry on our mandate to seek, promote and incorporate fresh and upcoming talents within our production.

To you, we say thank you.